Why Choose Us


Reasons for Using Us As your Private Security Company

Tag Force Security & Patrol relieves the responsibilities of you having your own security personnel on staff. Tag Force frees management of training, supervising, screening, and costly background checks . Our security staff goes through a background investigation which is conducted by the Dept. of Justice. We investigate our employee’s work history, reliability, character, and ability to perform in high stress situations. 

Our Security Guards are Extensively Trained and Licensed by the State of California in the use of:

  • Power to Arrest

  • Search and Seizure 

  • Firearm

  • Baton

  • Teargas

  • First Aid and CPR

Insurance and Reduced Rates

Many insurance companies lower their rates when security guards are on site. Security services are cost-effective as it prevents theft, vandalism, and keeps unauthorized persons off your property to prevent insurance claims. 

Our Security is tax-deductible and we carry our own insurance coverage.